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2934 kinderen gescreend op oogafwijkingen in Kaapstad met Eye Care project van Ikamva Labantu

Stichting COR heeft dankzij een grote donatie een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan Ikamva Labantu’s Eye Care project. Onze projectbegeleider bij Ikamva laat ons weten:

'COR Foundation provided a generous donation to support Ikamva Labantu’s Eye Care project. Over the past few months, we have screened 2 934 children, of which 79 were identified for treatment.

One of these children is an eight-year-old boy, who has a squint, a condition called Alternating Esotropia. This is a condition where the eyes turn in, and the patient alternates focus between the two eyes. These patients are generally far-sighted, meaning they have a significant amount of Hyperopia. If this is uncorrected, the eyes turn in. The vision in both eyes can be returned to normal if the patient wears their spectacles and or contact lenses full time.

This is is one of many young children suffering from this condition whose parents cannot afford to have it corrected. These children often suffer from lower self-esteem and endure much teasing from peers. He received his glasses which are assisting him with correcting his eyes. He is adjusting well.

Additional school-aged children will be screened and identified for specialist treatment in the coming period.

Ikamva Labantu is deeply grateful to COR Foundation for its continued support of our work and for investing in the South African children’s future. The communities we serve are affected by deeply rooted poverty, and very often, families cannot pay for medical treatments. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can overcome this challenge and make a lasting positive impact.

A heartfelt thank you to COR Foundation!

Jovana Djeri'


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