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Met financiële steun van Stichting COR en Wilde Ganzen is in juni 2017 een project gestart om de Karagara-gemeenschap te voorzien van schoon en veilig water. Het project is dit jaar voltooid en hebben de inwoners de beschikking over zuiver water.

Hier leest u het bericht dat wij ontvingen uit Karagara:

Extension of Clean and Safe Water to Karagara Community in Kicwamba Sub-county, Rubirizi District, Uganda

Karagara is a remote places in Rubirizi district dominated by rural peasants whose livelihood is majorly dependant on subsistence farming. Community members had had a water challenge for decades. Most people used water from unclean sources, which exposed them to diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhea. Furthermore, fetching water was majorly a responsibility of children who had to carry water in the morning before attending school. And because of the long distances, they reported late to schools thus missing morning classes, which severely affects school performance.

With financial support from COR-Foundation and Wilde Ganzen, a project to extend clean and safe water from Lake Kako to Karagara community was constructed. Community contribution was in terms of providing land where water facilities were constructed, dug trenches for the water pipes, constructed access roads and carried materials to places without possible road transport. The money received from COR-Foundation was applied to buying water pipes and other plumbing materials plus construction of four public water taps in four villages.

This project has changed the history of the people of Karagara as their living conditions have tremendously improved. There is a remarkable reduction on the incidence of waterborne diseases. People access water within short distances of less than ½ kilometers from their homes, which has freed women and children from the need to travel long distances to get water and hence get extra time to attend school and other important activities. Some people have used the water to start small businesses (poultry, piggery, brick-making, small scale irrigation, horticulture) for improved household income.

However, there are other water stressed communities in Rubirizi district with similar conditions like those of Karagara before the construction of this project. We pray that similar support is extended to such communities.

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