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- Feed 4 children for a month: € 10

- Feed 10 children for a month: € 25

- Feed 20 children for a month: € 50

- Feed 40 children for a month: € 100

Please mention your name and


Thank you very much!

Dear friends of Rob and Myrna,

Stichting COR is very, very grateful to Rob & Myrna,

for sharing this wish in their invitation:


' Our wish would be to help Stichting COR to feed the children of Ikamva Labantu in South Africa. For just €2,50 we can help feed a child for a whole month and would like to ask you to help us support them.

In Ikamva Labantu's Afternoon Angels programme there are 1 251 children who come to the after-school clubs and rely on a nutritious cooked meal prepared by the wonderful mamas. Our goal is to help provide food security for these children for as long as possible.'


About the Afternoon Angels:


In 2018, Ikamva Labantu joined forces with a group of 56 women to provide afterschool care to hundreds of children. These women have created a community initiative called Afternoon Angels.

Schools in Cape Town’s townships lack extracurricular activities and aftercare facilities. As a result, when school is done for the day, children are often left to roam and play in the streets unsupervised while they wait for their parents to return from work. The Afternoon Angels programme is a community response to this issue and aims to keep schoolchildren safe and off the streets once school has ended.

The women in the group have opened their homes to local children to provide a place of safety where they can receive a nutritious meal, emotional support, and a safe space to play in the afternoons. They often use money from their own pension or foster grants to buy food for the children.


This initiative helps to keep children away from the dangers of crime, gangsterism and substance abuse that they may otherwise be exposed to on the streets. South Africa’s children are dropping out of school at an alarming rate due to these social ills, resulting in a high school graduation rate as low as 40%. This problem is particularly prevalent in the volatile township communities where Ikamva Labantu works.

The Afternoon Angels programme is a preventative measure that gives children the opportunity to complete schooling, progress further in education and create a better future for themselves and their families. Children in the programme are supported and encouraged to do their best and to stay in school.

If you wish to make a donation to help Rob & Myrna support this wonderful and important project in the townships of Cape Town, please use the donation button at the top of this page.

Thank you very much!

IBAN NL90RABO 039 45 80 079

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